We are urgently looking for a Java architect with IAM experience.  Candidates can be employee or freelancer and need to be fluent in English.

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Participation to the complete development life-cycle (analysis, design, implementation, testing, deployment, operation, support, documentation and change management) of different modules of the identity and access management infrastructure, such as authentication systems, repositories, provisioning processes and administration tools.
  • Review and assessment of the security aspects of information systems and proposals for improvement.
  • Adoption of a test driven approach with the delivery of unit tests, integration tests, performance tests and the setup of a continuous integration delivery platform.
  • Delivery of the technical documentation, software release notes and presentations to management.
  • Support, consultancy and advice for identity and access management related matters to the various development teams.
  • Expert in the field of identity and access management
  • Expertise of the Java programming language and of the Java virtual machine including its internal mechanisms, such as class loading and garbage collection
  • Expertise of JEE technology and Oracle Weblogic including its internal security
  • Excellent knowledge and significant working experience with CAS (Central Authentication Service), SAML (Security Assertion Mark-up Language), WS-Federation, WS-Trust and/or SSL/TLS
  • Excellent knowledge and significant working experience with web technologies including HTTP
  • Excellent knowledge of web security and of the techniques used to mitigate security risks
  • Good knowledge of symmetric and asymmetric cryptography including key management, encryption, signature and hashing
  • Good knowledge of web services including SOAP and REST
  • Good knowledge of relational databases including SQL
  • Good knowledge of directories including LDAP
Please send your resume to resume@all-european-careers.com.TAGS: SAML CAS authentication Central Authentication Service

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